Family shoot in Dorridge Park

April 13, 2016

At just 8 months old Erin is clearly ruling the roost in the Slater household, mainly because of those gorgeous eyes and her infectious laugh – she’s a heart-melter make no mistake!

I had a lovely walk to the park with these guys and their excitable but adorable spaniel, Sybil. Some of my fave shots are those with Sybil as she made Erin (and Mum and Dad) laugh just by going a bit crazy and of course not being a performing monkey for the camera. What do they say about never working with animals or children?!

Erin was a delight and very happy pulling out smiles left right and centre, mainly for Dad who does a great line in Celine Dion and James Blunt songs (voice of an angel Ben ;))

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with these three lovelies and of course, Sybil. Thanks guys for trusting me to point my camera at you, I hope I captured a bit of the special bond between you all xx

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