Family Photo shoot in beautiful Ambleside

March 23, 2016

Now Cumbria is a beautiful county, and Ambleside in particular, has a very special place in my heart. It’s where I got engaged, where I married my long suffering hubby and where many a family holiday with our two little ones has taken place ever since. So, to do a family shoot there with my good friends Mark and Sarah and their gorgeous boy Evan was an absolute pleasure.

At nearly 7 months, Evan was full of the joys of life, pulling out the smiles left right and centre and particularly enjoying Dad making silly faces and cuddles from Mum. You wouldn’t know that he had been a cheeky little fellow overnight as he was more than happy to stay up while we took a wander round Ambleside and then allowed us to confuse him with a late morning bath when nothing could have been more exciting than Dad pouring water from a great height! It is these small moments that I absolutely love to capture. Sadly the days of bath time being so much fun will not last forever and I know with my own children that capturing a little bit of these precious and magical yet fleeting moments is so important.

So, I’m glad that Evan has been introduced to the beauty of Cumbria early on in life and long may his visits continue! I hope that I managed to capture just a little bit of the magic of Evan at 7 months for you xx

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