Fine Art Albums

Print Your Photographs!

There is nothing sadder to me than thinking of wedding photos sitting on a computer or on a USB in a drawer…gathering dust. Your wedding photos should be printed. They should be put in an album and put on your walls to give you a joyful reminder of one of the happiest days of your lives.

I adore creating Folio fine art albums – these are beautiful, timeless albums made using matte-finished fine art paper that is made to last a lifetime. Pigment based inks of archival quality are also used to give photographic prints of outstanding clarity and consistency. These stunning books can be passed down through your family and I love to think of them that way – a family treasure for the children you may not yet have had to have a good laugh at in years to come.

So, in summary, print you photos! And if you love the idea of creating a special fine art album for your family, I recommend selecting 50 images. Prices start from £350.