Family Shoot FAQs

Wherever you feel most happy and comfortable – more often than not this is at home and in your garden. But if your little one(s) are walking then a walk to the local park or woods is also a good option even if it’s for splashing in puddles!

Casual clothes that you feel comfortable and “yourselves” in. I want to tell a story of you and your family so don’t feel the need to dress up or put the kids in special outfits. Bright, bold, block colours photograph best and I would avoid brand logos or black and white. If possible, choose clothes that the kids love themselves and that they feel comfy in. The happier they are the better our shoot will go.

I want to capture your family doing what you love to do – whether it’s a picnic in the park, playing football in the back garden, getting the paints out, curling up on the sofa to read a story, baking biscuits or playing hide and seek. You will all be too busy having fun to notice the camera and it’s a brilliant excuse to devote some special time entirely to your loved ones. My aim is to capture a little bit of the magic of your lives right now – the ordinary can be pretty extraordinary.

Favourite items or anything that is an important part of your lives together work really well to create a visual story of your lives right now. Items such as special teddies, costumes, footballs, bikes, scooters, favourite books etc. can work really well in photographs. For babies favourite soothers or books can still work well and any nice blankets you might have around the house.

As a mum myself I know how kids tick and it is my number one priority to make sure that they are happy, relaxed and enjoying themselves. We’ll make sure the shoot is arranged round meal times (and naps) and once we get going any necessary stops for snacks, drinks etc. are totally fine. If the kids really don’t want to play ball at any point or are a bit grouchy please don’t worry. Silliness, moodiness, funny faces and mucky fingers are part and parcel of what kids are all about! So, do whatever you need to do to make them comfortable and relaxed and don’t worry about the odd grouch, as it will soon pass and then everyone can get on with having fun!