Family Shoots

I love photographing little people and when I’m not working I spend a lot of time capturing my two munchkins in fits of laughter or racing round the kitchen floor with cars!

I’m all about the ‘real’ family moments, whether that’s blowing raspberries, playing poohsticks, jumping in puddles, or feeding time at the zoo. Over time, these everyday occurrences will change and lessen and your little ones will not be so little anymore. I want to capture a little bit of the beauty and the craziness of your family life right now. So that in 5, 10 years time you can look back on those tiny, insignificant everyday moments that once were and remember. And smile.

So don’t dress up, don’t worry if your small person doesn’t like the camera, or new people, or posing for photos. I find it’s best not to make a big deal about the camera – I’m just coming along with you on a day out or a morning at home doing what you do best as a family – playing, eating, winding each other up, messing around together. We won’t be doing any formal photos, we’ll be capturing a bit of real life in relaxed surroundings. Be it a hug from Mum, a cheeky smile, a ride on the dog or beating dad at football, these shared moments make beautiful photographs that you will want to return to again and again.

Depending on your children’s ages, I love to do family shoots either at home or out on location (the park, the woods, or any other favourite spot). If we can combine the two all the better! Kids are way more relaxed with me and my camera if they are in their own or a familiar environment. This then enables me to get the stunning natural shots I’m after 🙂

If this sounds like the kind of family shoot you would like to have I would LOVE to work with you so please do get in touch via my contact page and we can fix up a date.

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